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Economizers of S.PL. series MODULAR are the watertube type, so that different sections by coupling the desired configuration is achieved according to the specific project and allows serial passage of gases and water circulation in series or parallel.
compact package type is provided and are the following main elements:
  • Line convection heating to work in different modules built by respective staggered smooth tube.
  • Circulation gas / water countercurrent and water side coupling could be in parallel or in series.
  • cylindrical casing in carbon steel plate or specially designed to be gas tight and simultaneously support the entire tubular package.
  • Plenum lower flange provided for input or output of gases and at the same time serves as a support base boiler as execution.
  • Plenum top flange provided with gas inlet or outlet in conical or cylindrical adjustable on demand.
  • DIN steel tubes. ST.35.8.1 17,175.
  • carbon steel housing.
  • Thermal insulation blanket lan rock two layers of different density, with external protection of galvanized steel sheet.
  • Two input / output heated water collectors.
  • Manual cleaning system soot, one to act up boiler and one for boiler stop, by injecting fresh water.
  • A record of inspection and cleaning with screw cap.
  • A gas inlet pressure gauge.
  • Two temperature probes.
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