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Recovery boiler water tube PRODINCO

For 40 years, the heat recovery boilers Prodinco participated in recovery and in saving energy in different projects around the world. Heat recovery of gases at high temperatures involves a wide variety of boiler designs, depending on the nature of the gas and fluid transmission required for each application. In all series of boilers developed by Prodinco standardized modules, each with different tube diameters and gas passage easy coupling together water are built, allowing at all times adapt each boiler to eswpecífico process, either for steam production, hot, overheated water or thermal fluid. For water tube or "water pipes" boilers, the combustion gases flow through the outer tube and the water / steam inside. There are different types ranked by circulation: natural circulation, assisted circulation or forced circulation. Forced circulation boilers package type are formed by a coil of steel pipe of different diameters so that the flow velocity of the water / steam mixture will accommodate varying density. PHOTO The volume of water / steam is very small so that very little energy stores, limiting its "axplosión risk" to the simple rupture of a pipe, that is, NULL, qualifying in most cases category FIRST.

Features and advantages of the Recovery Boiler Watertube Prodinco

  • Counterflow

  • compact
  • maximum thermal efficiency
  • low water content
  • Quick Start
  • Smooth tubes

  • Minimal risk of fire
  • Easy cleaning
  • Staggered configuration

  • High heat transfer
  • Low sooting
  • Forced movement

  • No water level in the boiler
  • Free choice in the management of water and gas
  • Spiral tubes

  • Free expansion
  • Dry running temperature to 450 gases
  • Standard sections

  • Availability
  • Delivery short
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