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In an atmospheric system, installation condensates returning to atmospheric water tank, called condensate tank. The condensate tank serves to supply feedwater to the steam generator. The system make-up water is added to a condensate tank where it is preheated and mixed with the products of chemical treatment. PRODINCO S.A. has designed a variety of condensate tanks for use in air circuit allows a good functioning of the system and proper water treatment. Each tank is equipped with the following:
  • Vent line; this line is needed to maintain atmospheric pressure in the tank under certain conditions and to evacuate water condensables (O2 - CO2).
  • Level switch and supply of water to the tank; the water level should be at least 50% of the tank contents, which is controlled by the level control system.
  • Visual level; to check the water level in the tank.
  • Tank heating system; to obtain adequate quality feedwater steam generator is necessary to keep the water temperature between 90-95 ° C tank. Thus, the CO2 dissolved in the condensate brings oxygen and water contribution, are separated by thermal degassing effect. Furthermore, the chemical reaction is accelerated chemicals at high temperatures. To maintain the water temperature, steam is injected into the tank and is controlled by a thermostatic valve. Therefore, normally the same vapor generator output is used.
  • Thermometer; to check the temperature of the water supply.
  • Condensate tanks are equipped with an overflow system by siphon, so that no flash steam by said overflow exit.
  • They are also equipped with inducers tubes. These correspond to separate pieces and assembled in the tank through threaded or flanged joints to allow regular review.